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Enjoy videos showing Aquam’s exciting range of technologies and services in application.

The Aquam Vision
Aquam is at the forefront of innovative technology and services for infrastructure. Find out more about the Aquam vision.
Technologies for pipe investigation and restoration
Take a closer look at Aquam’s suite of technologies for diagnostics and rehabilitation of pipeline infrastructure
Gas riser main relining technique trialled
National Grid trial proves multiple benefits of using epoxy pipelining technology on gas riser mains in multi-occupancy buildings.
Amplus advanced ROV delivers real-time pipeline assessment
Assess pipeline lifespan and obtain real-time data on leaks, flow, blockage, corrosion, and pipe thickness.
APD Investigator™
APD Investigator™ is an inspection and leak detection system for live insertion into potable water pipelines.
Advanced leak detection and data capture
The Bullet travels along the pipe with the water flow, navigating valves and bends, to detect leaks and assess asset condition.
Condition assessment of pipelines and leak detection
PipeScan+ is an electronically driven tool that can detect leaks and assess defects in pipelines using CCTV imaging and location mapping.
Long-distance pipeline condition assessment and leak detection
LDS 1000 is a tri-technology leak detection sensor system propelled through the pipe with the water flow at distances up to 1km.
Sewer cleaning with Whirlwind – ITV News
Yorkshire Water trials Aquam’s Whirlwind pipe cleaning system to clear sewers clogged with fats, oils and grease.
Yorkshire Water trials pipe cleaning technologies
Industry first as utility successfully trials Aquam’s forced-air pipe cleaning systems on wastewater network.
Overland Supply Service
A bespoke service to keep customers supplied with potable water during emergency bursts and planned works.
Water dispensing stations
Aquam Water Stations can be installed, managed and administered by Aquam.
Calm Networks Training
An online course showing how to operate the water network safely and legally when extracting water.
Advanced gas leak detection and repair
Investigator Gas technology for leak detection has been deployed in trials with Northern Gas Networks.
Gas pipe liner extends pipe life
Minimal disruption required to inspect, clean and reline gas pipes with Prism blown-in polymer system.
Air-powered cleaning unblocks sewers – BBC News
Blockage in Yorkshire Water sewer main cleared in two hours where conventional method would take weeks.
Benefits of Whirlwind pipe cleaning technology
Whirlwind air-powered pipe cleaning system successfully deployed by Yorkshire Water, Balfour Beatty and Laing O’Rourke.
Water main cleaning and rehabilitation
Water main rehabilitation with combined Whirlwind air vortex pipe cleaning and polyurethane lining systems.
Understanding the condition of water mains
How Aquam’s advanced pipeline assessment technologies can provide a clear understanding of water main condition.
Plumbers can renew pipelines rather than replace
Aquam’s Nu Line epoxy resin avoids damage to walls and floors by repairing and relining pipework in situ rather than ripping it out.
Demonstration of lead service pipe lining system
Live demonstration of Aquam’s Serline blown-in polyurethane pipelining system carried out for Yorkshire Water.
Yorkshire Water trials Serline pipelining system
Live trial of Aquam’s Serline pipelining system carried out on lead service pipes for Yorkshire Water in Leeds.