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We have achieved
Nu Drain cured-in-place pipe liner
Restoration of ageing drainage

Capwell Bus Garage
Cork, Ireland
  • Rip-out and replacement avoided
  • Bus station operates as usual
  • Pipes restored

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Drainage at Capwell Bus Garage in the city of Cork in Ireland was failing due to restricted flow, numerous cracks and deteriorating joints.

The bus terminus is home to more than 100 vehicles and hosts 200m of drainage made of common earthenware pipe and PVC.

Water from the drains had infiltrated into the surrounding soil and frequent blockages were occurring. The customer wanted a no-dig approach to minimize disruption to operations and damage to the hardscape and surroundings.

A traditional repair technique would have meant closure of the facility during months of construction work.


Nu Flow’s highly skilled technicians carefully cleaned and restored the earthenware pipes to their original diameter. The company’s patented Nu Drain cured-in-place liner was installed into the existing pipes onsite.

The bus station remained in operation and on schedule throughout the works.



Nu Drain technique

Stage 1: Specialist pipe-cleaning tools reinstate existing pipe.

Stage 2: Polyester tube liner is cut to length and impregnated with epoxy resin.

Stage 3: Liner rolled around inflatable bladder and pulled or pushed into existing pipe using rods.

Stage 4: Bladder inflates with air, pressing liner to the walls of the pipe where it cures in two to three hours.

Stage 5: Once the material has fully cured, normal ser vice can be resumed after 4 hours.

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