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Water Utilities
Dry Barrel Hydrant Adapter
Mains access through dry-barrel hydrants

Providence Infrastructure Consultants/Ace Pipe Cleaning
Denver, Colorado, US
  • Engineers access hard-to-reach mains
  • Analysis of pressurized mains carried out
  • Technology could be rolled out

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The Dry Barrel Hydrant Adapter allowed engineers in Denver, Colorado, to use ​Aquam Pipe Diagnostics (APD) inspection and leak detection technology to carry out a detailed analysis of the mains system, identifying corrosion, pipe thickness and weaknesses where leaks could occur.

The innovative device for accessing hard-to-reach pressurised mains meant engineers were able to access and inspect the water mains through a series of dry-barrel fire hydrants, which are used in areas where freezing temperatures can make it hard for fire departments to reach water in emergencies.

In the US, dry-barrel fire hydrants are used to prevent residual water in the hydrant riser from freezing during cold weather. A valve stem from the top of the hydrant closes a valve many feet below the frost line, isolating the water from the riser pipe until there is a need to open the valve, either by the municipality for testing and flushing or by the fire department for emergency use.

APD has now applied for a patent for its Dry Barrel Hydrant Adapter which will make it possible to launch inspection tools through various brands of dry and wet barrel hydrants. 

JD7 hydrant adapter

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