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We have achieved
Water Utilities
Whirlwind air vortex cleaning
Clear and clean thickened sludge main

Yorkshire Water
Esholt Wastewater Treatment Works, Bradford, UK
  • Blocked sludge main cleared
  • Project completed in one day
  • Success where traditional techniques had failed

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HTC, part of the Aquam group, has succeeded in unblocking a thickened sludge main at Yorkshire Water’s Esholt wastewater treatment works.

Traditional rodding and jetting techniques had already been tried on the 150mm-diameter main which carries 6% dry solids sludge from drum thickeners into a sludge holding tank.

Aquam’s Whirlwind™ pipe cleaning system uses an air vortex to clear pipes, or without aggregate depending on the application. On this occasion aggregate was not required to bring the 250m-long stainless steel and ductile iron main back into action.

The entire operation was completed in a day and took place in March 2017, enabling processing of thickened sludges to recommence, boosting sludge recycling rates for Yorkshire Water. 

This success has led to two further sludge lines being instructed to be cleared, aiding operations.


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