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Nu Flow Products

Nu Flow is the first company to offer a one stop solution for complete water infrastructure rehabilitation.

We are the first lining company to offer dual technologies; epoxy lining of water pipes and permanent structural lining of drain and sewer lines, from a single source.

Structural Lining

Structural Lining is Nu Flow's patented, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) system, creates a permanent, structural pipe inside the existing host pipe system, without digging or destruction to buildings or landscape.

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Epoxy Lining

Nu Flow is the technology leader in applying epoxy coatings to potable water pipes from the water meter to the faucets and taps throughout an entire building.

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Nu Flow has an impressive resume of rehabilitating not only drinking water lines and drain pipes, but has rehabilitated mechanical systems such as fire sprinkler systems, heating systems and chiller lines.

In 2007 we introduced customers to the added benefit of whole structure filtration and a line of filter products, including carbon and bio filtration, softeners and reverse osmosis.

These technologies from a single source provide our customers with affordable, permanent solutions to pipe failure and leaks while providing the cleanest, safest water from every tap.


Epoxy pipe lining and trenchless drain lining are specialized technologies that require expertise and training, as well as familiarity in working with varied epoxies and special equipment. As the small-diameter pipelining leader in our industry, we have a proven, successful job history in domestic, commercial, industrial, municipal, health and government industries.


Nu Flow's best testament to the standards we maintain are reflected in our substantial resume of satisfied clients, our loyal and dedicated staff and technicians who are largely responsible for our success, and our experience and success rate within the industry and among our licensees. We guarantee our entire product line and our lining installations, and we will never shift responsibility on accountability. Customer satisfaction and the trust of our licensees are two major factors that reflect Nu Flow's reputation for integrity.