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Network Services

Network services

Ensuring that any water network is operating at an optimal level of performance depends on routine data analysis and the implementation of effective proactive and reactive interventions.

Aquam’s portfolio of high quality consultancy services, in-house technologies and practical techniques can deliver unparalleled network performance.

Network and asset mapping and analysis

Accurate, routinely updated plans and asset registers of utility distribution networks are essential for network operators to understand the hydraulic parameters of their systems.

Aquam offers a bespoke cartographic service for clients on metallic pipework and can deploy specialist CCTV technology to map non-metallic pipework.

Meter accuracy assessment and rightsizing

Before undertaking a network survey it is essential to check that the main incoming revenue meters and sub-meters at each site are the correct size and specification.

Aquam’s consultancy team uses precision-engineered technologies and proven techniques to conduct tests on meters, checking for accuracy and pinpointing faults.

Advanced water leak detection

They key to any leak detection initiative is an effective strategy. Aquam’s skilled team of consultants can design and deliver a practical, site-specific plan which is rooted in a leakage best practice.

This approach underpins Aquam’s ‘right first time’ ethos and negates the need for multiple interventions at the same site.

Remote permanent datalogging of flow and pressure

An increase in flow or decrease in pressure on a water network can indicate leakage or other kinds of water losses. Aquam’s consultancy team can help clients implement remotely managed, real-time flow and pressure monitoring.

This means that an alarm can be raised and operators alerted in the event of a significant change in flow rate or drop in pressure.

Once the figure for total network consumption has been calculated, the minimum night flow (MNF) on a given network can be determined. This can then be used as a threshold for raising any alarm.

Acoustic leak detection technology can also be incorporated into this system by capturing and interpreting frequency differences in the noise emitted by leaks.

Pressure Management

Pressure control is essential to best practice in water management. Properly implemented, it can positively impact on customer service by reducing leakage, bursts, service interruptions and related damage to infrastructure. It also reduces pressure-related overconsumption and helps conserve resources.

Aquam’s skilled team of engineers is able to assess pressure modulations and determine necessary interventions.

No-dig and conventional remedial works

Aquam’s portfolio of no-dig repair and maintenance services for pipe networks are designed to avert major disruption to road users, pedestrians and users of facilities in the vicinity of works. These advanced techniques can be carried out swiftly and with minimal additional movement of vehicles to and from site. They produce less waste and are more sustainable than traditional methods.

By comparison, conventional approaches usually require major excavation, movement of materials and production of waste. They can cause significant streetworks and traffic disruption. They can be noisier, more costly and can take much longer to complete.

Aquam’s suite of advanced remedial services and technologies for pipe infrastructure significantly enhances the repair and maintenance process.

Fire hydrant testing and management

In the UK there is a mandatory requirement to inspect and test fire hydrants every six months. Aquam undertakes both the physical inspection and flow & pressure testing in accordance with site requirements.

Results are logged against future tests to ensure that standards are maintained.

Water quality analysis - chemical and microbiological

During a leak event and subsequent repair, unwanted substances can enter the water flow due to back-siphonage.

To ensure mandatory water quality standards, Aquam can carry out the necessary testing prior to the customer being reconnected.

Network Analysis
Network and asset mapping and analysis
Meter Accuracy
Meter accuracy assessment and rightsizing
Leak Detection
Advanced water leak detection
Permanent Datalogging
Remote permanent datalogging of flow and pressure
Pressure Management
Pressure Management
No-dig Remedial
No-dig and conventional
remedial works
Hydrant Testing
Fire hydrant testing and management
Water Quality
Water quality analysis - chemical and microbiological

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