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Water Conservation

Water conservation

Quantifying water flows in commercial and industrial facilities with a view to reducing water use saves money on unnecessary water and energy consumption.

Aquam’s team of water consultants can carry out onsite water auditing and advise on and help clients deliver effective conservation measures.

Water conservation and efficiency

Water conservation forms an integral component of water management given that wastage can form a large proportion of consumption.

Aquam’s team of engineers can deliver huge savings in water and energy consumption and related cost by implementing a water conservation plan and installing water-saving fittings and devices.

Water bill audits

Aquam can undertake accurate electronic water and wastewater billing services for utilities, industrial and commercial facilities, ports and marinas.

As well as dispensing water to third-parties, Aquam’s onsite, web-based billing system can tighten-up revenue streams, deliver higher standards of service and improve hygiene and environmental standards.

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