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Lead Pipe Rehabilitation

Aquam’s HTC manufactures and installs a specialist advanced pipelining system for the rehabilitation of small-bore water supply pipes.

The Serline blown-in polyurethane (PU) coating combines with advanced pipe cleaning technologies and CCTV inspection to create a seamless barrier between the pipe and the water flow.

HTC Serline is a 3M Scotchkote 166L Rapid Setting Polymeric Lining that can be applied to most pipe materials including galvanized copper and lead. It has been specially developed for in-situ application to the internal walls of small-diameter pipes.


Serline is Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) approved and can be used on service pipes carrying water supply into domestic and commercial properties.

This innovative technology can help utilities and other organisations meet drinking water quality standards for the allowable concentration of lead.

Serline is applied using a no-dig technique, minimising impact on other infrastructure and disruption to the occupants and users of a facility. It is a permanent solution and a lower cost alternative to ripping-out and replacing pipes. 


Serline technique

The Serline system is delivered at site by skilled technicians working from a specially fitted vehicle carrying a forced-vortex air system.

The stages are:

  1. A stop-tap adapter is attached to the existing pipe via a suitable entry point
  2. A receiver is attached to the other end of the pipe
  3. The pipe is cleaned and dried using blown-in hot air
  4. The Serline PU lining is blown into the pipe
  5. Once the material has fully cured, normal service can be resumed after 4 hours. 

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Aquam is committed to sustainable rehabilitation of pipeline infrastructure with minimal disruption

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