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Overland water supply during works

Aquam can deploy a specialist vehicle to keep customers supplied with a temporary water supply during planned and emergency works.

The Overland Supply Vehicle is fully equipped with a manifold, connectors, pressure valves, adaptors, water meters and traffic signage to deliver a safe and stable water supply for at least 24 households.

Repair and maintenance can take place with little or no interruption to normal service, helping utilities move to zero interruption of supply. Better management of leakage and burst events can help utilities improve customer SIM scores and avoid compensation payments.

Aquam’s Overland Supply Manifold is the first purpose-built manifold and each one connects up to 24 households to a temporary water network. The manifold combines with WRAS-approved collapsible hose for drinking water to ensure secure potable water supply.


Keeping customer on tap during pipe works

Aquam consultant Roman Boryslawsky explains how the Overland Supply Vehicle and Manifold were developed and its role in keeping potable water network disruption to a minimum.

This video also features a detailed demonstration of the vehicle and onboard equipment.


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Aquam is committed to sustainable rehabilitation of pipeline infrastructure with minimal disruption

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