Castings for the Water Industry

Water Services now manufacture a wide range of castings and machined products in iron, brass and aluminium for use throughout the water industry.

These include Valve False Tops in all sizes, Hydrant Blanking Caps, Screw Caps, Shut off Caps and a complete range of cast aluminium accessories for the standpipe.

Valve False Top

Hydrant Extension

Hydrant Blanking Cap

The Water Services team are totally equipped for the production of individual and bespoke castings and machined fittings, and will fabricate to the customers own specifications and drawings.


All iron is cast to engineering Grade 220 cast iron BS1452. Aluminium is cast to LM4, LM6 and LM25 heat treated to TF conditions.

Standard male taper
to BS 5163 up to
600mm valves.


     Key Below ‘A’
Drg No. Description Imperial Metric 
AQ20-1 Valve False Top 3 /4” 19mm
AQ20-2 Valve False Top 13/16” 21mm
AQ20-3 Valve False Top 7/8” 23mm 
AQ21-1 Valve False Top 1” 25mm
AQ22-1 Valve False Top 1.1/8” 28mm
AQ22-2 Valve False Top 1.1/4” 31mm


Water Services evolved from working directly with many of the UK’s largest water authorities.

We are currently in partnership with:

Even if you are working outside these areas please give us a call as we work alongside 98% of the UK’s water authorities.