Stop Tap Keys

Water Services’ latest range of stop tap keys (pictured below) is comprised of one standard tap key, one multipurpose key and 2 crutchless (self gripping) keys.

This selection of Water Services tools are suitable for most tap maintenance applications.

All these tools are manufactured with a 4 foot reach but this can be varied according to customer requirements.

(A) Standard tap key: AQ 3/1
This key is designed for use with 1/2”, 3/4” & 1” single vane stop taps. 

(B) Multipurpose: AQ 3/3
This key does the same as the standard tap key, but is also designed to work with most round tap heads.

(C) Crutchless (self grip): AQ 3/2
This key has a friction based self gripping mechanism and is suitable for most crutchless stop tap applications.

(D) Crutchless (spring grip): AQ 3/4
This key has a spring loaded self grip jaw, that is reversible for clock and anti-clock torque.

This key is suited to most crutchless stop tap applications.

The ‘T Bar’ handle fitted to the current range of stop tap keys can be made from standard gauge (12mm) or heavy gauge (16mm).

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