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Water Utilities
HTC Serline air vortex cleaning system
Cleaning of polyethelene service pipe

Severn Trent Water
Atherstone on Stour, Warwickshire, UK
  • Long-term water discoloration issue resolved
  • No excavations required
  • Minimal disruption to the householder

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Severn Trent Water (STW) had sought to resolve a longstanding issue with discolouration for one of its customers following an unidentified burst on the network near his house.

Since the event, sand or iron deposits had made their way into his domestic supply and the customer had been provided with bottled water.

STW technicians had tried flushing the 25mm (1-inch) polyethelene (PE) service pipe several times without managing to resolve the situation. They had also fitted two filters to try to catch deposits, one near to the boundary box and the second just outside the property. 

It was decided that some sand or iron deposits must be residing still along the length of the service pipe. First the filters were removed and inspected, but no deposits were apparent. 


Excavation avoided

To avoid excavation, an airline from the HTC Harrier van was connected to the PE pipe at the far filter point, approximately 40m from the house. Using HTC’s Serline system, a vortex of air was blown through the pipe towards the property to remove any water standing in the pipe.

With Serline, the turbulent nature of the airflow causes the air to be thrown against the pipe wall, wiping away any soft and loose material. The waste deposits are then carried through the pipe within the airflow and exhausted from the service pipe.

Flushed clean

On this occasion, a considerable quantity of sandy coloured water was collected into a filter sock. The cleaned service pipe was then flushed with clean water to ensure no deposits remained. 

The air vortex cleaning technique is much more effective and efficient than traditional air scouring or flushing, with the work being completed within a couple of hours, minimising disruption and downtime. All the equipment is carried on a single vehicle, which minimises site footprint.

A comprehensive computer-controlled quality package allows continual monitoring and instant reporting for compliance. The whole operation is recorded and information can be transmitted to an office server for secure storage.

Key Benefits

  • No excavations required
  • Minimal disruption to the customer
  • Work completed within a couple of hours
  • Small equipment footprint

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