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Water dispensing

Aquam Water Services can provide ports and marinas with an automated and metered 24-hour water supply service for shipping and boats.

This tailored dispensing service is WRAS-compliant and can be delivered from both static and mobile dispensing stations.

Pre-pay smart card technology ensures an easy-to-manage and efficient service for both users and service providers. Administration is outsourced to Aquam and documentation can use in-house branding.

For low-volume applications, self-service dispensing stations can be deployed and fitted with pre-pay smart card technology. 

Water Dispensing

Benefits to ports and marinas:

  • Maximum throughput of ships and boats by improving turnaround time
  • Increased revenue streams 
  • Real-time monitoring of consumption
  • Reduced illegal extraction
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Transparent view of water usage data 
  • Administration time and cost minimised

Clients include Port of Liverpool, Mersey Docks & Harbour Company and Peel Utilities’ Liverpool Cruise Terminal.

Water Dispensing