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Find & Fix - leak location and repair

Aquam’s Find & Fix service can provide a full site survey of clean water, wastewater and gas pipeline infrastructure.

Our skilled team of engineers and technicians can make fully informed recommendations for long-term solutions to any problems identified and implement rapid delivery onsite.



Advanced asset condition assessment and leak detection technologies combine with standard CCTV inspection to carry out conventional and specialist surveys on all types of pipeline systems.

Aquam’s Find & Fix service can pinpoint the location of leaks and bursts and provide detailed real-time data on the condition of pipes and linings along their entire length.



Restoration of failing pipeline infrastructure requires a diverse range of tactics including cleaning, lining, repair and replacement.

Aquam Find & Fix deploys a combination of traditional and advanced techniques to deliver bespoke solutions for our partners and clients.


Find & Fix techniques

Aquam Find & Fix delivers the following services:

  • Leak and blockage detection
  • Pipe condition assessment
  • Pipe cleaning
  • Network repair and maintenance
  • Emergency burst repairs
  • Leak repairs
  • Planned works
  • Overland water supply during works
  • Patch-lining
  • Pipelining
  • Slip-lining
  • Mains rehabilitation
  • Mains installation, renewal, diversion and alteration
  • Service pipe installation, renewal, diversion and alteration
  • Water main connections under pressure
  • Minor civil engineering works

Find & Fix provides technical support to a wide range of partners including utilities, industry, local authorities, commercial operators and public facilities.


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Aquam is committed to sustainable rehabilitation of pipeline infrastructure with minimal disruption