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Pipe Cleaning

Aquam’s portfolio of pipe cleaning services and technologies is delivered in-house by HTC, our innovative engineering company with a dedicated team of specialists. 

Well maintained pipe infrastructure helps ensure networks are operating in compliance with water quality regulations and at optimum rates of flow and pressure. Issues with water quality, particularly discolouration, are one of the main indicators that pipes need to be restored and deposits removed.

Failure to invest in the upkeep of networks can lead to extra costs in pumping and pipe replacement, increased customer complaints, raised risk of public health and environmental incidents and regulatory failure. Aquam’s pipe cleaning service can help utilities looking at the whole-life costs of a project and need proven systems which can prolong the life of existing assets. 

Aquam HTC offers advanced pipe cleaning services and technologies to remove corrosion, tubercles, manganese and other deposits from pipe walls. The systems can be used on pipe diameters ranging from 75mm to over a metre in water, wastewater, gas, marine, commercial and industrial applications.

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Forced air vortex pipe cleaning systems

Whirlwind aggregate pipe cleaning

Aquam’s WhirlwindTM pipe cleaning system uses an air vortex to force 10 or 20mm aggregate through the pipe to sweep away hard tubercles, restoring pipes to their original diameter in preparation for rehabilitation.

The system has been used on over 400km of pipeline for several major UK utilities. 


  • Reaches lengths of up to 1km in a single operation
  • Can be used on diameters in the 75-300mm (3-12 inch) range
  • Negates need for wastewater transport and discharge
  • Low-pressure operation 
  • No exposed rotating parts - reduces health and safety risk
  • Efficient, manoeuvrable and flexible equipment
  • Can be used for mains with variable diameter and 90-degree bends
  • Offers a dry clean host for onward rehabilitation

LeanClean flushing and chlorination

LeanCleanTM is a forced air vortex system that uses water droplets to remove soft deposits such as manganese and biofilm from pipes.


  • Reaches lengths of 2km in a single operation
  • Negates need for wastewater transport and discharge
  • Improves sustainability and reduces cost
  • Rapid return to service
  • Improves water quality
  • Used on pipes up to 200mm diameter

The system is also used to chlorinate pipes after cleaning with either LeanClean or the Whirlwind aggregate cleaning process.

The LeanClean chlorination system uses the water droplets to carry much higher levels of chlorine at a much lower volume, with typical contact times of only 30 minutes.  This  reduces the amount of air and water used compared with traditional techniques.

Pipeline pigging system

Pneuclean pipeline pigging

Aquam’s PneuCleanTM is a pipeline pigging system can deliver highly effective, affordable water mains cleaning and manganese removal.

Hundreds of thousands of meters of large diameter trunk main (LDTM) have been successfully cleaned across the UK on behalf of the big utilities, including Yorkshire Water, South West Water, Anglian Water and United Utilities. 

The PneuClean system uses compressed air to propel a train comprising a trail and a lead pig along the pipe. A slug of water is held between two pigs and as the pig-train travels, manganese and soft deposits are collected from pipe walls.

The wastewater is then collected for disposal and the used pigs replaced for subsequent runs until sampling shows the wastewater complies with quality standards, indicating that the pipe is clean. Pipe pigging reduces water usage and wastewater volumes compared with traditional water jetting and flushing techniques. 

The PneuClean system can also be used to chlorinate pipes using a pig-run post-cleaning, reducing chemical and water usage.


  • Increased productivity by 60-70% over traditional methods
  • Less disruptive than water jetting and flushing techniques
  • Reaches lengths of up to 10km in a single operation
  • Can be used on diameters from 150mm to over a metre (6-42 inches)
  • Improves water quality in mains
  • Minimises wastewater disposal requirement
  • Eliminates risk of damage to pipe and lining
  • Low-pressure operation reduces health and safety risk
  • Improves sustainability and reduces cost

PneucleanTM versus Traditional Methods:

No cleaning residue remains in the pipe after Pneuclean operations


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WhirlwindTM and PneucleanTM

Cost-effective solutions to pipeline cleaning

Pneuclean™ increases the quality of water received and reduces the effort required using alternative methods
Compared to traditional jetting methods:
  • 10 times faster
  • More cost effective
  • Less environmental impact
  • Reduced waste
  • Smaller carbon footprint

HTC Whirlwind
technology is
more efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional cleaning methods.

Aquam HTC is committed to sustainable rehabilitation of pipeline infrastructure with minimal disruption