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Aquam Pipe Diagnostics

accurately assesses pipe condition and asset life

Our teams of skilled engineers can deliver complete analysis of the condition of all pipeline infrastructure employing a comprehensive range of proven technologies.

Aquam is a world leader in advanced asset condition assessment and leak detection services and technologies. We can accurately assess pipe condition and life expectancy and pinpoint the location of leaks and bursts. Aquam can provide clients with detailed data and information that supports defensible asset investment decisions. This helps our clients plan and prioritise works, optimise budgets, prevent future infrastructure failure and mitigate potential fines.

Aquam's portfolio of pipe inspection services and technologies is delivered in-house by Aquam Pipe Diagnostics (APD), an innovative technology company with a dedicated team of engineers and technicians.​

APD techniques
  • Condition assessment of pipe walls
  • Condition assessment of pipelinings
  • Assessment of tuberculation
  • Live mains survey up to 1km length
  • Survey large diameter pipelines with low or no flow conditions
  • Mapping of internal and external pitting and corrosion
  • Validation of pipe materials
  • Leak and burst detection
  • Location of blockages and faults
  • Inspection of pipe joints and fittings

Water and gas service
pipes and mains
Industrial and commercial applications
  • sewers and drains
  • firewater systems
  • greywater systems
  • collection, holding and transfer (CHT) systems
  • heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • industrial process systems
No Dig Technology
APD provides integrated services and technologies that can deliver complete analysis of pipeline infrastructure.
  • APD advanced infrastructure inspection and assessment is delivered at site by skilled technicians working from a specially fitted vehicle.

Advanced Technologies

APD Investigator™

APD Investigator™ is an inspection and leak detection system for live insertion into potable water pipelines. The system combines live-feed CCTV, hydrophone technology and a high-powered sonde to pinpoint areas of interest.

The system can access pipelines through live fire hydrants and inspect lengths up to 100m (330 feet). Investigator operates in pressures up to 16 bar (232psi) and accommodates pipe diameters of 100-300mm (4 - 12 inch).


  • Internal inspection without disruption
  • Pre- and post- rehabilitation assessments
  • Accurate leak detection
  • GPS tracking and plotting
  • Location of services, defects and restrictions
  • Valve assessment

APD Investigator Gas™ also available for the gas distribution network.

APD Amplus™

APD Amplus™ is an advanced crawler system that can enter and inspect potable water pipelines of 200mm (8 inch) diameter and above. The revolutionary crawler can gather thousands of true wall-thickness measurements over lengths of up to 1,000m (3,300 feet), operating in pressures of up to 10 bar (145psi).

Amplus can provide live-feed CCTV from its forward and reverse cameras, real-time hydrophone data for active leak detection and can track and locate from above ground with its high-powered sonde. Used in conjunction with APD’s software, the Amplus crawler can calculate the asset life expectancy on pipeline infrastructure.


  • Wall thickness assessment
  • Corrosion assessment
  • 1,000m CCTV inspection of pressurised pipes
  • Long-distance leak detection in all materials
APD LDS 1000™

APD LDS 1000™ is a pipe inspection system for live insertion and inspection of potable water pipelines in lengths up to 1,000m (3,300 feet). The sensor head combines live-feed CCTV, real-time hydrophone data capture and includes a high-powered sonde, enabling pinpointing areas of interest as well as long-distance line-tracing.

The system is suitable for under-pressure inspection and leak detection of larger pipes of 300mm (12 inch) diameter and above. LDS 1000 can access pipes through valves as small as 50mm (2 inch) internal diameter and operate in pressures of up to 16 bar (232psi).


  • CCTV inspection of pipelines
  • Long-distance leak detection in all materials
  • Identifies illegal connections and services
  • GPS tracking and plotting
APD Pipescan+™

APD Pipescan+™ is an inline wall-thickness inspection system for use on potable water pipelines in lengths up to 100m (330 feet). The multi-sensor tool can access pipelines through live fire hydrants and combines CCTV technology with an ultrasonic transducer that can gather thousands of wall-thickness measurements giving true asset condition.

Failing pipe sections can then be pinpointed using the high-powered onboard sonde, enabling targeted rehabilitation.


  • Wall thickness measurement
  • Corrosion assessment
  • Targeted rehabilitation assessments
  • Digital couponing
  • Location of defects and restrictions
APD Service cam™

APD Service Cam is a rugged CCTV inspection system that can inspect pressurised pipelines from 25-150mm (1-12 inch) diameter. The system can navigate tight bends and its high-intensity LEDs provide high quality imagery for detailed visual inspection.

The Service Cam can be configured with an ultra-sensitive hydrophone for enhanced leak detection capability, as well as a high-powered sonde for line-tracing. The system is fully modular allowing additions and upgrades to ensure any inspection job can be completed.


  • High quality CCTV
  • Live insertion into water pipes
  • Interchangeable camera and hydrophone heads
  • Leak pinpointing
  • Navigation through bends
APD Bullet™

APD Bullet™ is a CCTV leak detection system that can survey pipelines over 100mm (4 inch) diameter. The tool can be launched into pipelines using a 500m (1,500 feet) tether system or deployed in free-flowing mode, enabling long-distance leakage inspections to be carried out.

The Bullet™ is extremely small and requires only a 75mm (3 inch) access point to enter a pipeline.


  • Long-distance leakage surveys
  • Pressurised potable water pipe insertion
  • Wastewater compatible
  • Portable and cost-effective system
APD Periscope Cam™

APD Periscope Cam is a high-quality CCTV system specifically designed to provide 360-degree surveys within potable water pipelines, allowing snapshot condition assessment both upstream and downstream. The system can be inserted into small-diameter pipelines of 75-300mm (3-12 inch) and through pressurised fittings as small as 38mm (1.5 inch) internal diameter.

The Periscope Cam can operate in pressures up to 16 bar (232psi) and is often used in conjunction with physical coupon extraction to obtain as much data on the asset as possible.


  • 360-degree CCTV surveys
  • Hydraulic grading assessments
  • Lining inspection
  • Water quality assessments
APD Investigator™
Look inside a live pipe!
APD Investigator™
Look inside a live pipe!
APD Amplus™
Long distance digital couponing and CCTV
APD LDS1000™
Long distance investigation without compromise
APD Pipescan+™
Digital Couponing - Identity failures before they occur
APD Service cam™
Ultimate inspection package
APD Bullet™
Long distance leak detection system - Greater distance with value
APD Periscope Cam™
360° snapshot of pipe condition

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